May 2020 Film Round-Up

I had planned this post today since my April edition, but given the state of the world, I couldn’t post it without addressing things that have been going on around the whole world especially the past few days, but really for the past few centuries.

As a white person, I am aware of my privilege and have started to understand how any platforms or positions can use this privilege to amplify the voices of those who are not being heard during these times and in the future. The work does not stop when the protests do. In order to continue to combat systemic racism and the sickening police brutality that befalls black people every day, we must speak up and act out. Silence will not help anyone. Empty performative allyship will not help anyone.

What we can do is donate to organisations that are providing bail for those arrested during the protests, and those that are helping the Black Lives Matter movement. I have provided a few links here, but some Google searching will bring you to many more that are in need of donations.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Lives Matter

If you are not in the position where you are able to donate financially, consider signing petitions such as the one below and many more that are being put into action over the past few days.

Justice For George Floyd

And when these important elections come around, no matter where you might reside, vote for those who seek to bring about radical, positive change rather than those who singularly care about their salaries.

Please donate or share information and help those who are protesting for their freedoms in whatever way that you can.

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